Send a fax to Vanguard HQ

Since Vanguard is so out of touch and stuck in the archaic investment practices of the past, we picked a communication tool that meets the firm where it is–sending a fax.

We’ve created two versions of the message being sent to Vanguard: One for Vanguard customers and one for anyone who doesn’t qualify as a Vanguard customer. This will allow our messages to be more targeted and relevant (FYI: we do not and will never ask for proof of anyone’s customer status or any personal info about your account; the two versions are simply to maximize message accuracy when contacting Vanguard.)

Use this form to send a fax to Vanguard and urge the company’s leadership to take meaningful action to reduce climate risk and offer truly climate safe funds. Our fax tool makes sending a fax as easy as sending an email; no fax machine necessary to participate!

I’m a Vanguard customer


I’m not a Vanguard customer