Vanguard is sinking your future

By pouring billions into fossil fuels, Vanguard is steering the world toward financial and climate disaster. It needs to change course, before we all go down with the ship.

Dead in the water

Extracting and burning fossil fuels created the climate crisis, which is likely to cause a global financial meltdown like we’ve never seen before. Over 30 million customers entrust their money to Vanguard. But Vanguard continues to put that money into coal, oil, and gas companies, making it one of the world’s top two investors in fossil fuels, companies driving deforestation, and companies violating human rights worldwide.

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If Vanguard continues to ignore climate risk, its investors will face increasing wealth destruction. Vanguard is not the safe, steady choice it claims to be.

How bad is it?

A track record of destructive investments

in fossil fuels as of 2023, making it the top investor worldwide
in coal alone, the dirtiest fossil fuel

Your money is at risk

Both the UN and International Energy Agency say we can’t afford any more coal, oil, or gas expansion if we hope to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C. As the world makes the necessary and inevitable transition to clean energy, anyone who stays over-invested in fossil fuels will likely experience major losses. Vanguard could be headed for a catastrophe, carrying billions in doomed assets.

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Lives are on the line

During the 2008 financial crisis, Black and Indigenous, working class, and communities of color paid the biggest price for Wall Street's greed. These communities will once again be the hardest hit by climate impacts and a climate-driven financial meltdown. Vanguard has built its business on retirement funds for the average person, but by staying on auto-pilot in the face of the unprecedented risk ahead, Vanguard is endangering the very people it claims to serve.

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